PathoPure®: Just as effective as conventional cleaning products but without the harsh chemicals and odors

Tough on dirt, grease, stains and odors. Gentle on skin, eyes and nose.

PathoPure is a powerful, multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser that is highly effective against organic fats and oils. It removes surface dirt and debris, difficult stains and even long-term residue build-up. But unlike other cleaning chemicals, PathoPure is non-toxic. It can be safely used without gloves or other PPE. It’s non-irritating to eyes and skin and contains no added fragrances. PathoPure is safer for the people using it and those in areas cleaned with it. PathoPure leaves behind no chemical residue and greatly reduces the risk of skin sensitivities or allergic reactions.


Learn more about PathoPure ingredients and how the solution is produced.

Removing grease, grime, germs, soap scum, oils and more is simple and straightforward:

  • Use on flooring: carpet, tile, wood, concrete
  • Use on fabric: linen, textiles, upholstery
  • Use on hard surfaces: plastic, wood, granite/marble, ceramic/porcelain, recycled materials
  • Use with carpet extractors, floor scrubbers, mop buckets, upholstery cleaning equipment or spray bottles. When using on hard surfaces, spray on surface then wipe dry or rinse. When using on mirrors and glass, spray on clean, lint-free rag and wipe surface clean.

Use it almost everywhere:

  • Bathtubs, sinks & toilets
  • Tiles & grout
  • Floors, carpets & walls
  • Countertop & tabletop
  • Fixtures & furniture
  • Walls
  • Windows & mirrors

Validated Cleaning Power

Pathopure meets Green Seal® Standard GS-8
Pathopure is WoolSafe and CleanSeal Approved

Don’t take our word for it. PathoPure has been validated by other organizations and passes important safety tests.

PathoPure meets Green Seal® Standard GS-8 based on effective performance, minimized/recyclable packaging, and protective limits on VOCs and human & environmental toxicity.

PathoPure is WoolSafe® and CleanSeal® approved. The WoolSafe Organisation is a cleaning industry service provider devoted to promoting best practices in carpet and rug care through maintenance product evaluation and certification, education and training, and the promotion of professional cleaning and inspection services.

OU, (Orthodox Union) has certified PathoPure as kosher pareve.

Independent Performance Testing:

  • Cleaning Performance Test – Successful per ASTM D4488-95, A2 standard
  • Glass Cleaning Performance Test – Total soil removal with no streaking, no smearing using CSPA DCC-09 Test Method
  • Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) DCC-09 categories: soil removal, smearing, and streaking

Irritation Tests:

  • Ocular Irritation Test – Non-irritating per bovine corneal opacity and permeability in vitro test method to identify severe eye irritants/corrosives: Accepted by U.S. agencies in 2008; OECD TG 437 (2009)
  • Dermal Irritation Test – Non-irritating per EpiDerm™ in vitro human skin model skin irritation test: Accepted by U.S. via OECD TG 439

Remember, You Can’t Disinfect a Dirty Surface

Clean with PathoClean, Disinfect with PathoCide

It’s really this simple: clean with Pathopure®, then disinfect with Pathonex®.

The goal of cleaning isn’t to remove germs but to prepare the surface for effective disinfection.   Cleaning removes dirt and impurities from surfaces. Without proper cleaning, soil, and grime are left behind and give bacteria hiding spaces and protection from disinfectants. You can’t disinfect a dirty surface.  Clean first with Pathopure; then disinfect with Pathonex.

Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces. It does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs. But killing germs remaining on a surface after cleaning further reduces the risk of spreading infection.