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Click to view product label.   PathoPure® meets Green Seal standard GS-8 based on effective performance, minimized/recyclable packaging, and protective

Combo Packs

Want to try both of our cleaning solutions? Our combo packs come with both PathoNex Disinfectant and PathoPure Cleaner.

12 Pack HYGENE 16×16 Microfiber Cloth

HYGEN™ Microfiber is proven to remove 99.7% or more of tested viruses and bacteria. Combining superior microfiber with built-in scrubber technology, HYGEN™ Microfiber helps prevent cross-transmission and reduces the risk of healthcare-associated infections.

24 Pack 12×12 Microfiber Light Duty Cloth

The Rubbermaid Commercial Microfiber Light Duty Cloth is a quality microfiber product designed for less-demanding users. It provides superior cleaning performance and germ removal compared to traditional cloths. Case pack quantity: 24

Pump Up Sprayer

Choose from a wide variety of products to apply and transport PathoSans® device-generated solutions. We offer a full line of storage tanks, mobile carts, sprayers, and bottles all clearly marked to help eliminate application errors and maximize productivity.