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Click to view product label.   PathoPure® meets Green Seal standard GS-8 based on effective performance, minimized/recyclable packaging, and protective

Combo Packs

Want to try both of our cleaning solutions? Our combo packs come with both PathoNex Disinfectant and PathoPure Cleaner.

12 Pack HYGENE 16in x16in Microfiber Cloth

HYGEN™ Microfiber is proven to remove 99.7% or more of tested viruses and bacteria. Combining superior microfiber with built-in scrubber technology, HYGEN™ Microfiber helps prevent cross-transmission and reduces the risk of healthcare-associated infections.

24 Pack 12×12 Microfiber Light Duty Cloth

The Rubbermaid Commercial Microfiber Light Duty Cloth is a quality microfiber product designed for less-demanding users. It provides superior cleaning performance and germ removal compared to traditional cloths. Case pack quantity: 24

Pump Up Sprayer

Choose from a wide variety of products to apply and transport PathoSans® device-generated solutions. We offer a full line of storage tanks, mobile carts, sprayers, and bottles all clearly marked to help eliminate application errors and maximize productivity.