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What Can You Clean with Hypochlorous Acid?

Spray Bottles of Hypochlorous Acid

When it comes to cleaning, many people are wary of the term ‘acid’ — often for good reason. Many acids and bases are used for cleaning precisely because they are so strong and corrosive, which can, in turn, make them dangerous. However, other acids can be just as effective without being so dangerous.

Hypochlorous acid, for example, is one of the best natural cleaners for cleaning and disinfecting homes, worksites, public areas, and more.


What Is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous acid, or HOCl, is a chemical that occurs naturally and is even produced by our own bodies, where it is used by our immune systems to fight off bacterial and viral infections. Much like our naturally made HOCl, synthesized hypochlorous acid is effective enough to quickly destroy dangerous germs without being harmful to humans, animals, or plants. It is safe on all hard, non-porous surfaces, even food prep surfaces.

Hypochlorous acid can be formed in several ways, but it is most often synthesized by creating a solution of water, salt, and vinegar and then subjecting it to electrolysis. Various concentrations and forms of HOCl are available, with the most common being hypochlorous acid spray.

HOCl spray offers an appealing alternative to other chemical cleaners such as bleach or multipurpose cleaners. This is due, in part, to it being non-irritating, but it is also a result of its surprisingly strong cleaning power. Unlike some other cleaners, hypochlorous acid works in a matter of seconds, does not have to be wiped away, and is 99.9% effective at removing and killing dangerous pathogens.


What Is Hypochlorous Acid Used For?

Because hypochlorous acid is such a strong yet gentle cleaner and disinfectant, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some of the most common uses of HOCl.

Industrial and Commercial Cleaning

HOCl has been used in commercial and industrial cleaning applications for years, thanks to its sustainability, safety, and efficacy. It is easy to use, fast-acting, and can be distributed over large areas while still destroying almost any bacteria or virus in its path. Hypochlorous acid spray is therefore used across various sectors and areas, including warehouses, factories, hospitals, medical facilities, schools, care centers, office buildings, and many more.

Residential Cleaning

Hypochlorous acid products are becoming increasingly popular at-home cleaners, thanks to their non-toxic makeup and effective cleaning and disinfecting powers. It can be used throughout the home, from bathrooms to kitchens and everywhere in between, replacing traditional cleaners such as bleach, window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and even rug cleaner. HOCl does not emit any  fumes and does not leave behind dangerous residue, making it simple and effective to use even around young children or pets.

Water Treatment

HOCl is one of the most popular methods of treating water to rid it of harmful bacteria, and it is used in both commercial and industrial applications. It is one of the main disinfecting compounds in chlorinated water, as well as one of the safest and most effective.

Medical Applications

HOCl is naturally manufactured in the body to help combat infection. This also makes it an ideal method of treating and caring for wounds outside the body. Hypochlorous acid is gentle on the body yet strong enough to kill dangerous foreign matter. It is approved for a variety of uses, including wound treatment, eye care, surgery preparation, and more.

Pet Care

Unlike many household cleaners, hypochlorous acid can be safely used on and around pets. Veterinary care products designed for wound care often contain HOCl to help fight infection and kill bacteria. It can also be used for post- and pre-surgery treatment or for fighting off eye and ear infections. HOCl may also help remove odors around animal bedding and litter boxes, thanks to its ability to kill bacteria that cause bad smells.

Skin Care

At the right concentrations, HOCl can also be used on the skin. Not only does it help clean and disinfect skin, but it may also help combat acne and skin infections, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and soothing effects. Because it is non-toxic and does not cause irritation, it is also safe to use even for those with sensitive skin.


Food and Produce Safety

Hypochlorous acid can kill microbes and other dangerous entities quickly and without leaving behind dangerous residues. As a result, the FDA has approved certain HOCl concentrations for food preparation. It is commonly used to wash and preserve fresh produce or pre-cut foods and has also been approved by the USDA for organic crops.


Where to Find Hypochlorous Acid Products

HOCl has been used as a cleaner for years, though mainly for industrial functions. This is because HOCl has a very short lifespan, so it is difficult to manufacture and distribute before it no longer functions correctly. As technology and manufacturing have advanced, hypochlorous acid products have now become more prevalent and easily accessible than ever before.

You can find a variety of HOCl products on the market, from industrial devices that allow you to make your own HOCl for large-scale cleaning applications to ready-made sprays, tablets, or pouches for at-home use.


Learn More About HOCl At PathoSans

Hypochlorous acid is one of the most eco-friendly, effective, and efficient cleaners available today. Whether it’s being used for commercial and industrial cleaning, food preparation, or medical care, HOCl has a lot to offer, especially during this time when healthcare has become more important than ever. Visit the PathoSans site today to learn more about the benefits of cleaning with HOCl or to view our range of hypochlorous acid products.

Note– this article describes a variety of uses for HOCl, not all of which are applicable to PathoNex. Please review the PathoNex label for recommended uses and handling.