Clear your cabinet shelves and switch to the best kid-safe, pet-safe, planet-safe spray on the market.
Yep, 100% natural ingredients.

We think we’re pretty great... here’s why

Maybe your current cleaner has one or two — but do they have all 10?

leading “all natural”
Powerful, True Multi-Surface cleaner:
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Counters, Carpets, Glass, Stainless Steel
Safe to use around kids & pets
No added fragrances
No harmful additives
No residue
No rinsing required
No Odor
Non-Irritating to skin & eyes
Green Seal Certified (GS-8)

“With all the things we’re learning about chemicals nowadays, I just don’t feel safe having all these in my home anymore. Thankfully I discovered PathoSans and their eco-friendly cleaners that are fragrance free and you don’t even need to wear gloves to use them. They work on all surfaces and they even have a sanitizer. Now I can rest easy knowing that all the surfaces in my home are safe for the kids and the pets.”

“I love this cleaner for the stove because it gets off all of that cooked-on grease and food. PathoSans is all-natural and it’s safe around my kids and my pets.”