PathoSans Direct Cleaning and Disinfecting Products and Application Equipment

PathoSans is Changing the Culture of Cleaning!

Our mission is to enable people to effectively clean and disinfect in a more sustainable way. Our products help businesses and people clean more responsibly. When you choose PathoSans, you’ll:

  • Protect people from viruses, germs and other pathogens without using toxic chemicals
  • Help safeguard human health and well-being by eliminating unnecessary risks
  • Protect the planet against water contamination, increased landfill waste and additional carbon emissions is our retail site for small businesses and consumers that wish to purchase our solutions in conveniently sized packages – spray bottles and larger containers.  Our application equipment – pump-up sprayers, backpack sprayers, misting and spray cart – is also available for purchase on the site.

If you have a larger need for world-class electrochemically activated solutions (ECAS), visit to learn more!

PathoSans Direct Is Just Part of Our Commitment to Safe, Sustainable Cleaning

We also manufacture on-site generation (OSG) technology* that is available to large facilities such as schools, sports/entertainment venues, commercial office buildings and manufacturing plants. This technology offers additional benefits to users – a reliable supply of cleaners and disinfectants, protection against supply chain disruption, reduced PPE costs, improved worker safety and even greater reductions in pollution and waste.

PathoSans is part of Spraying Systems Co., the world leader in spray technology and more than 10 decades of experience in the cleaning industry.

*PathoSans on-site generation technology is regulated as a pesticide device. To learn more about these devices, visit the EPA Guide to Pesticide Devices for Consumers. Pathonex disinfectant is subject to different regulations than our on-site generation technology. Learn more about products that disinfect, sanitize and clean surfaces here.

PathoSans Onsite Generation Systems