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Getting through Cold and Flu Season with All-Natural Cleaners

PathoSans reusable spray bottle with cleaner concentrate

As the cooler seasons approach, so does the inevitable wave of cold and flu germs. Yep, cold and flu season is on its way! The combination of colder weather, holiday gatherings with friends and family, and increased indoor time creates a perfect environment for the spread of viruses. While maintaining good personal hygiene is crucial, ensuring your living space stays clean and germ-free is equally essential. Using all-natural cleaners to create a healthier home is an effective choice, plus it’s a healthier option for everyone, including pets.

Choose All-Natural Cleaning Sprays this Flu Season

Traditional household cleaners often contain harsh chemicals that may adversely affect your health. Many of these chemicals can contribute to respiratory issues and skin irritations, especially in individuals with sensitivities. All-natural cleaners, on the other hand, like PathoSans All-Purpose Cleaner, are effective against germs while also being gentle on your health and the environment.

two smiling children washing fruit at a small sinkPractical Tips for a Germ-Free Home

  • Regularly Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces:

    • Start with doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls, as these are frequently touched by multiple people.
    • Use an all-natural disinfectant to wipe down surfaces regularly.
  • Clean Counters and Kitchen Surfaces:

    • The kitchen is a hotspot for germs. Regularly clean countertops, cutting boards, and kitchen appliances.
    • Keep PathoSans All-Purpose Cleaner nearby for quick clean-up of spills.
    • When a disinfectant is needed, PathoNex Disinfectant will do the job without all the toxic fumes.
  • Frequent Handwashing:

    • Encourage everyone in your household to wash their hands regularly, especially after coming in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.
    • Place natural hand soaps in bathrooms and the kitchen to make handwashing a pleasant and healthy habit.
  • Open Windows for Ventilation:

    • Stay ahead of cold and flu season by opening windows when possible. Good ventilation helps reduce the concentration of indoor air pollutants. Open windows regularly to let in fresh air and promote air circulation.
  • Disinfect Shared Items:

    • Items like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are often overlooked sources of germs. Use all-natural electronic wipes or a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water to keep these items clean.
  • Invest in All-Natural Air Purifiers:

    • Consider using indoor plants like snake plants and peace lilies to naturally purify the air.
    • Essential oil diffusers not only add a pleasant aroma but can also have antibacterial properties.

All-Natural Cleaning in Preparation for the Holiday Season

As we approach the holiday season, the significance of maintaining a germ-free home becomes even more apparent. Festive gatherings bring people together, creating opportunities for germs to spread. Implementing these natural cleaning practices proactively protects your loved ones and ensures a healthy and joyous holiday celebration.

Moreover, the holiday season often involves preparing and sharing meals. By keeping your kitchen and dining areas cleaned and disinfected with all-natural products, you not only protect against the common cold and flu but also create a safe and inviting space for friends and family to enjoy festive meals together.

Embracing all-natural products like the PathoSans All-Purpose Cleaner and PathoNex Disinfectant is a holistic approach to maintaining a germ-free home during cold and flu season. Not only are these products effective against viruses and bacteria, but they also contribute to a healthier indoor environment. As we enter the holiday season, let’s prioritize the well-being of our loved ones by creating a clean and inviting space where we can celebrate together, free from the worry of unwanted germs.